Working with us can be an enriching experience. Let's find out how.

1. The Salad Bowl

At Kanvista Drugs, we celebrate diversity. You'll find people from different regions, backgrounds, and beliefs working together, making it a fertile ground for rich cultural exchanges, experiencing new ways of life and meeting new people and ideas.

2. Building leaders

Kanvista Drugs nurtures new talent to be the leaders of the future. As you work with inspiring people on different projects, you learn various skills and valuable insight into the industry. We believe in instilling confidence and skill-sets to ensure that our people reflect the utmost standard of excellence.

3. Employee Relationship

From your first day at work, you'll walk into a friendly environment. An environment that gives you space to think freely and express your ideas. Our employees are always encouraged to work as a team and have a fruitful exchange of ideas.

4. Innovative

Kanvista Drugs fosters an environment that welcomes new ideas, encourages people to explore their potential and challenge themselves to be the best. With a stimulating work environment, innovation comes naturally.

5. Opportunities and Growth

Kanvista Drugs provides opportunities for growth and development to employees by cultivating their knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. This translates into positive gains for both the organization and the employees.



Providing innovative & quality products at the most economical price has been Kanvista Drugs guiding philosophy. The Quality Assurance team monitors and reviews quality control checks at each phase of the production cycle. They implement corporate SOP, QA and guidelines.


The Quality Control team follows procedures, conducts tests and checks to ensure that products match up to the quality standards. Right from the release of the raw material to the finish product, it keeps a constant check. In short, Quality Control manages, implements and reviews the quality systems in place.


We assigned the third party manufacturing department for all the development of products. The Production Department is responsible for all production activity and planning for Injectable - Sterile Liquid Formulation and Dry Powder Injectable. It oversees packing operations and stock requirements. Coordination with internal departments and validation of machines also fall under its responsibility.


our employees put in the hard-work for the benefit of the company. So shouldn't we return the favour. This is how we do it.

1. New day brings new learning

You learn new things on a daily basis by working with us. That's one thing we guarantee. But we also need to raise the bar and push ourselves to do better than yesterday. Towards that, we conduct regular training classes, workshops and seminars for you, presided over by industry experts and other professionals. We encourage you to actively take part in it all, so that you can pick up new skills and shine. Also, if you're a new employee, our 21 days induction programme for new employees is designed to prepare you better for the life ahead.

2. Whatever suits you

Our salary structures are designed to give you maximum tax benefits. Which means you take home maximum cash at the end of the month. You can also get in touch with our HR department and get your salary structure revised to get maximum tax exemption. We keep it flexible that ways.

3. Good gets noticed

Good performances never go unnoticed here. It's always appreciated, not just by a friendly pat on the back by the seniors but also by certificates, awards, bonuses and a likely promotion. We also send our employees on company sponsored yearly trips, both domestic and abroad. It's our small way of thanking you for putting in the hard work.

4. Claim it

Medical bills should be the last of worries with us. Our mediclaim benefits will allow you cashless treatment so that you spend all your energies in taking care of yourself or that of your family. And in case, for some reason you do spend from your pocket, the money will get reimbursed at the earliest.

5. Healthy and Happy

We want you to be happy and healthy always. And just in case you happen to face a medical problem, our group insurance policy is there to cover it all. This is our way of wishing you get well soon.




An interviewer would expect you to know about the company you're looking forward to join. It reflects on how serious you are about joining the place.

Do you have an answer?

Anticipate questions that will be asked. Some common ones like your strengths and weaknesses, where do you see yourself 5 years from now and what motivates you. Practice them and answer honestly.

Do you have any question?

An interview is not only about answering questions. Have a few of meaningful questions of your own. Just like your answers, you can impress with your questions too.

How do I look?

The right appearance can make or break it for you. It gives the first and last impression. So dress for the occasion, look prim and proper and pay attention to your shoes. Along with your attire, make sure you look fresh and vibrant. Give your hair a proper cut and comb it neatly. Girls can tie it neatly in a bun or a plait. Don't look as if you've had a bad night’s sleep.

Be on time and keep calm

Show that you're punctual by being on time for the interview. Or even before time. It will not only send across the right message, it will also help you to catch your breath and stay calm before the big moment arrives.


A good CV gets a great response

A CV is the first contact point between you and the company. The more you spend time in getting it right, the more are your chances of getting a positive response.

Give what's expected. Plus a little more

Customize your CV as per the requirements of the job. State some extra qualifications and skills to give you that edge over others. The chances are the employer might show his appreciation for your effort by giving you a call for the interview.

Looks Matter

If your CV looks cluttered, it will head straight for the nearest bin. Keep it neat and tiny. Select a neat type with wide margins, use proper headings for section breakers, use bullet points to call attention to important points and make sure the information flows logically. Presentation is as important as the information on the resume.

Be proud of your achievements

It’s important to mention important previous job positions and accomplishments.

Count your achievements

Quantify your accomplishments. The more, the better. And highlight those that are more relevant to the job-description.


Body language speaks volumes

Your body language speaks a lot about you. It could influence the person sitting next to you positively or negatively depending on your conduct. The right answers along with the right body language could be the deal breaker.

Positivity works wonders

Your chips may be down. You may have run into heavy traffic on the way or you are upset about the auto-guy overcharging you on the way to interview. But don't let it show on your face when you enter the interview room. Otherwise, you'll see that same frown on the face of the interviewers when leave the interview room.

Get, set, breathe

Feeling anxious for the interview? Breathe deeply. It will calm your nerves. And don't forget to flash a smile as soon as you enter to stimulate a good feeling.

Your sitting posture

Sit straight to present a confident you. While talking, use your hands to express yourself better. And don't forget to maintain a friendly eye contact to everyone present. It'll make everyone in the room feel a part of the conversation.

Things to watch out for

To be heard, you don't have to raise your voice.You have to keep it down. Keep an even tone to sound confident. It gets the points across more clearly. And keep a calm face to go with it, without showing any signs of stress on your face.


First impression creates a lasting impression

Dress, grooming and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and influence the business image of the company. Some of the basic parameters that need to be taken care of for attire are -

Professional Attire -

  • Your dress shirt should be solid in a neutral color, preferably white, but certainly a light color.
  • Wear the same color socks as the suit, and long enough to allow no skin shown between leg and shoe.
  • Wear a tie of neutral color with less than 3 colours.
  • Your tie should co-ordinate with your attire and the knot should be a perfect triangle.
  • The appropriate colours for formal trousers and belt are Black & Brown.
  • Avoid wearing wrinkled, untidy and unwashed clothes.
  • Wear only formal belts with a sleek buckle and as thumb rule, match your belt to your shoes.

Footwear -

  • Black or brown leather shoes for men and sandals for women.
  • Wear clean socks to avoid bad odour.
  • Shoes should be polished regularly and match with the pair of trousers.

Hair -

  • To have a neat look, tie long hair.
  • Hair should be well combed and clean.
  • Avoid exotic hair colours and hair styles.
  • Men should shave or trim the beard.

Hygiene -

  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash to avoid bad breath which can be caused due to smoking which is an offence at workplace.
  • Finger nails to be neatly trimmed.
  • Well-maintained and subtle nail polish colours.

Brand badge -

  • Badge is the silent promoter of the brand which reflects the identity of the company and its employees. Therefore it should be dignified.


It's your first day at work, and you're a bag of nerves. A little unsure and a little excited at the same time. That's natural. Blending in will take its own sweet time. But these tips should make the journey smooth.

Step in with a positive attitude

Step in the new workplace with a positive and friendly attitude. If you're positive, the place also appears so.

Dress to impress

If there a company dress code, follow it with heart. Or simply use a bit of common sense in your dressing sense. And dress in a presentable manner. Not too loud, not too obtuse. Dress to look smart.

The moment you step in

When introduced to your co-workers, shake hands firmly and try to memorise their names quickly. Or if you run into someone in the coffee machine area or the lift area, flash a smile. It also helps to prepare a little introduction about. And you'll be surprised at how quickly you make new friends at work.

Start taking initiatives

It's a lot about taking interest in your work from the start. Speak freely, don't be afraid to ask questions, and ask for help. Being new, you're not expected to know it all. Remember, the more you ask, the more answers you get.

Avoid this and that

Don't indulge in small talks, back-biting and office politics. It might sound fun, but you could end up on the receiving end soon. Not healthy at all. But maintaining a good attendance record is healthy.

Be on time

Respect office timings and the time of others and set good examples for others to follow.

A great start

You could be new and starting out. And things might take time to fall in place. But if you stick to some basic rules, you'll soon find that the new place will feel a lot less strange than it used to. And work, a lot more enjoyable.


Grow with us

Kanvista Drugs, which is one the fastest emerging pharmaceutical companies in India, it goes without saying how fast you grow too when you're a part of it. Also, it's natural that many would want to be a part to this growth. Talent and right aptitude in this case will take you close but not all the way. For that, you need to know the right channels to approach us. We are waiting.

1. How Do I Apply

Reach out

We have put a good system in place to help you reach us. All simple and effective.

Visit our site

Our site is not just a one-way-communication. We want to hear from you too. To apply, visit our site, jump to our career section and then to our e-recruitment system. Scan through the jobs mentioned and apply to the one that fits you. Simple, isn't it?

Registered Yet?

The whole process starts with a simple registration. You'll find a registration form that will ask you for some basic information and questions for you to fill. Fill it diligently without missing a point and submit it. Once you've registered, you've brought yourself in our consideration set. Remember, your registration form is our first touch-point with you and our first basis of assessment.

Do I know you?

If you know someone from our company, lets us know through the employee referral form. Fill in the details of the employee like his/her name, employee code and department name.

Check out job portals

Job portals could be another good way. You'll also find our openings on popular job portals like Naukri, Monster and others. On finding a match, fill in the required details and apply, and we will get back to you.

Campus calling

You can also find us paying a visit to your campus to scout for good candidates to fill our vacancies. There are placement co-ordinates who send us basic details of your institute. Depending on the requirement of the job, HR department will come to your campus.

Print ads. Read

There is also the good, old ways of finding an opening through newspaper advertisement. Read the terms and conditions properly and apply accordingly.

Help is at hand

You can also get in touch with a good consultant. By good consultant we mean someone of repute and with a specialization on the career you want for yourself. So, it's important that you check for their credentials before you approach them. Our HR department keeps a record of such good consultants and is regularly in touch with them to get the right candidate. They will help you fix up a meeting with us and take it forward from there.

2. Recruitment Procedure

Getting there

Like a hurdle race, there are stages that need to be crossed before one gets to the finishing line. And when you have the appointment letter in your hand, rejoicing and breaking the news to your loved ones, you can always proudly add how you've earned it all.

To each his own

Though there are some common steps to the whole process of recruitment, it varies as per the departments and job profile. A marketing department would have a different selection process than a R&D department.

One step at a time

Here are some basic steps that one needs to climb or follow before being recruited:

Step one

As we mentioned before, we've different sources/ consultants on-board who help us find the right candidate. As the first step we source resumes and profiles of candidates from them. So, don't forget to get in touch with one of them.

Step two

From the lot, we shortlist some candidates and our HR calls them for a telephonic interview. Call it the first process of screening. Make sure to keep the consultants you approach, updated on your number.

Step three

If you impress at the telephonic interview, you get a call for the personal interview and a written test.

Step four

If you manage to clear both with flying colours, we call you again. This time not for another round of interview but to discuss your pay package, rules, terms and conditions and other useful things.

Step five

The next step is the submission of documents. Be careful with it because we verify them as well.

Step Six

Upon verification of your documents and background checks, we release your offer letter. It is generally accompanied by a unified call from friends for a treat.

Step Seven

It's not really a step. Unless you take it literally. Because, now you're welcome to join the Kanvista family and take the first step towards a glowing future.

3. Fraud Awareness

No room for cheating

There are honest people like you, and also there are fraudsters. Let's accept it, and we have to be wary of them, so that we don't fall prey. To do so, we have put together a fraud awareness programme in place.

We are not them

Please note that we will never call you or mail you asking for money to be deposited in a designated bank account. There have been numerous cases where candidates have received calls from fraudsters pretending to be us, asking for money as standard procedure for getting a job. That's never our standard procedure.

Not acceptable

Kanvista never accepts payments of any kind from candidates in return for a job. And we are strict about it. Anyone who wants to, we reject them immediately.

Best practices

Kanvista has put in place the best policies to for recruitment. We like honest people and we want people like you to join hands with us and take precautions to help us maintain integrity.

4. Recruitment FAQs

1. How can I apply in Kanvista?

You can visit our career webpage and get yourself registered. After the completion of registration process, you can then apply for suitable current job openings as per your requirement.

2. How do I know the status of my application in Kanvista?

You can login your account on our career webpage and check the current status of your application. You can also check your registered email ID as mail notification is sent whenever there is change in application status.

3. What if I do not find an opportunity immediately?

In case you do not find any suitable current opening, you may then submit your resume in our databank available on our career webpage.

4. How will I be evaluated for a career opportunity with Kanvista?

You will be evaluated against predefined selection criteria for the current job opening in terms of educational, technical and behavioural skills.

5. If I'm not selected for one position, can I submit my resume for another position?

Yes, you can apply for another position matching your skill-set.

6. When will the final results of the interview be available?

You can check your application status on our career webpage for the Interview Status within 3 working days.

7. How will I continue to grow as a professional in Kanvista?

Career growth at Kanvista is based solely on performance. We foster a dynamic work environment by providing opportunities for learning, training and development that enhance employee satisfaction, productivity and career development.

8. If I have worked with Kanvista earlier and I want to be a part of the organization again, how can I re-apply?

For the ease and comfort of the ex-kanvistian, we have a separate section by the name of Kanvista Alumni on the career page wherein you can login and apply but can also refer your friends for current suitable openings.

9. Who do I reach out to if I have any questions about the on-boarding process in Kanvista?

For all queries regarding on-boarding, you need to contact the concerned recruiter.

10. I still have questions. May I talk with someone?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants we cannot give informational interviews. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send an email to careers@kanvistadrugs.com.


If you have the aspiration, we’ll keep you going!!

Looking to embark upon a successful career? Your search ends here! Kanvista Drugs has a lot to offer. Our environment is always about empowering people. So we have our eyes set on your future, with our various expansion and employee engagement initiatives aiming to identify the next generation of leaders. We lay our thrust on innovation to ensure that enterprising people have the freedom to act. Our firm belief is that employees are the source of competitive advantage and our success depends upon the strength of our talent pipeline.

An inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture makes Kanvista the place to be in. We ensure that you'll want to come back to work each morning for the rest of your life, with a sense of achievement and a smile of job satisfaction. So, start your journey with Kanvista and we'll open up new vistas to inspire you and to make you go beyond what you think might be possible. Enhance your career fortunes and discover the world of innovation, learning, growth and equal opportunities.



Environmental Health and Safety

Our Duty

Businesses are there to grow and make profits. But it should never be at the cost of the environment and the safety of the employees. When we started out, it was with the sole objective of making life better. Nothing much has changed now. We want to make sure that lives we touch get better, which includes not just our consumers, but our employees and the environment we work in. It's our duty.

EHS Policy

For the overall health and safety of our employees and the environment, we have put in place an Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHS Policy). And we are pretty strict about it.

Let us decode it for you

EHS policy is a step by step process towards responsible manufacturing practices that takes meticulous study, preparation and then acting on it. It also involves putting various systems in place to make operations safe for the employees and the environment. Here they are.

Setting a Goal

To begin with, EHS policy includes establishing standard documented procedures and guidelines and setting up of corporate EHS goals.

Assessing potential risk

Then comes identifying workplace and environmental hazards through organisational risk assessment process.

Time to act

After identifying the risks, the next logical step is implementation of necessary control measure.

Not just corrective

And not just corrective, EHS also involves taking preventive measure. It means accounting for EHS in key business decisions such as plant layout, equipment, manufacturing and distributing process. All to maximise safety and promote energy-efficiency.

Check on carbon footprint

The machinery we install has to pass through rigorous quality checks including carbon emission test. Only those machines make it to our factory that minimises carbon footprint and maximises productivity.


The manufacturing process uses up a lot of natural resources. We strive to give it back. By recycling water, fuel and energy and by reducing waste we give back to the environment what we've taken.

In and around

And not just inside the units, we promote greening of the environment by planting trees around our units.

Keeping at it

Besides adopting new technologies to make our work-place safer for the employees and the environment, we are engaged in continuous research and development to introduce new and better ways of operation.

Back to school

Safety of our people is our top priority. For this, we conduct training and awareness classes for our employees and contractual workers on a regular basis.

Keeping a record

Accidents do happen. The idea is to prevent it from happening again. For that, we document such cases, if any, the conduct thorough investigation to its cause and promptly adopt measure so that it's never repeated again. It helps us reach our goal of zero accident.

Keeping a tab

Our responsibility doesn't end in adopting EHS measure. We review them periodically to check compliances, to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for the organization.